Sunday, 20 December 2009

Save Our Village Pub Campaign -The Battle Lines are Drawn

Well the battle lines have been drawn.

Subsequent to the Save Our Village Pub meeting on Monday the 14th December, according to a report in the local newspaper the Diss Express, Peter Gullis of the Wellington Pub Company has said: "They are in discussions with the council, a proposal is being considered to retain the building and possibly convert it into three cottages, this is subject to receiving consent from the planning officer.
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If we want this to happen we should sit on our thumbs - OR - write to/email your local ward councillors at Breckland District Council and voice your dismay at such a decision
Their details are publicly available and are listed  below:
Councillor Roy Kemp
Hill Harling
East Harling
NR16 2LL

Councillor Lady Fisher
Kilverstone Hall
IP24 2RL

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Please help us to Save our Village Pub

Monday evening saw a turnout of over 180 local people attend a meeting held at the Garboldisham village hall to discuss ways to re-open our sadly decaying Village Pub - the Fox Inn.
This Grade II listed pub which has been in existence since 1774 originally called the Fox and Goose has been closed, vandalised on a number of occasions and finally boarded up for over two years.

Despite a number of attempts from local interested parties to negotiate a lease and more recently outright purchase of the premises the owners have allowed the pub to fall into a state of disrepair - rumour has it - to ease their application for change of use to private dwellings.

Fleurets, the agency initially employed to market the Fox Inn as a going concern were, according to an insider, frustrated at every stage by the owners when trying to place the pub and have subsequently taken the Inn off their lists.

Should you wish to help us save this –once delightful and profitable- village pub please add your name to our growing list of Objectors or write to the following businesses
The Wellington Pub Company, who are a trading arm of Criterion Asset Management, who are in turn a group company of Reuben Brothers - the ultimate owners.

Peter Gullis
Criterion Asset Management
Parkway House
Haddenham Business Park
HP17 8LJ
Telephone: 01844 293250
Fax: 01844 291307

Stephane Nahum
Reuben Brothers Limited
Millbank Tower
21-24 Millbank
Tel: +44 (20) 7802 5000
Fax:+44 (20) 7802 5002